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Australia's Voted Best Smart Watch For Kids

Watchipals in an innovative, safe and fun smartwatch for kids, designed by Parents, especially for Kids.
With all the features that kids love, and functions that parents need.

Watchipals smartwatch works in a similar way to a mobile phone and it allows Parents to keep in touch with their children at anytime, anywhere. 

With Voice & Video calling, SMS, Voice messaging, Group Chat, Alarms, Timetables, Pedometer and many more exciting features Watchipals is the best choice of smart parents.

The Watchipals smartwatch allows parents to stay in full control, contact and track their kids anytime and ensure children safety. the Watchipals smartwatch is loaded with the essential functions only, without any social media hazards.

Watchipals is the First And ONLY Smartwatch for kids in Australia with a POWERFUL 4 Core processor, face recognition, Music & Video player, Text messages, FULL Parental controlled apps ( Parents can control the apps remotely and decide what and when their child can use ) and both Sound & Video remote monitoring. 

Years ahead in technology, Watchipals is The Best Smartwatch for kids in Australia & New Zealand, Guaranteed.✅

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Watchipals Smartwatch for kids with Video calling function you can video call your kids at anytime from anywhere

Video Calling

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Watchipals smart watch for kids allows phone calling from the watch to parents allowed contacts mobile phones

Voice Calling


GPS Tracker

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Stay in touch with messages!

Watchipals Smart watch for kids is 4G Network unlocked and works with all network providers in Australia and New Zealand, no contracts and no binding commitments

No contracts, You are free to choose!

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Watchipals smartwatch for kids allows remote monitoring so you can hear & see what happens around your kid in case of emergency

Remote Monitoring

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Watchipals Smart Watch for kids allow parents to set up safe zones - Geo fence which will send a message to the parents in the event of the kids going outside of the configured safe zone

Safe Zones

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Watchipals Smart watch for kids Class mode allow to disable the watch from being used during class hours

Class Mode

Watchipals smart watch for kids have an HD Front camera allow kids to take fun selfies and share it with parents

Endless fun with HD front camera

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Watchipals smart watch for kids allow set up alarms and wake up on time

Don't miss a thing

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Watchipals smartwatch timetable function


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Watchipals activity monitor Pedometer

Step Counter

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IP65 Water resistant

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Watchipals Smartwatch for kids has a built in flashlight , light you way !

Light your way up

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Watchipals Featured In The News

"Why The Watchipals Smart Watch For Kids Became Aussie Parents’ Top Pick and how does it work?"

Named the "#1 Best Smartwatch for Kids", out of all the smartwatches & activity trackers. Watchipals is without doubt the most advanced smartwatch for kids.

"Best Smart Watch For Kids: Watchipals Safety Features Are a Real Game Changer For Parents"

"This new kids smartwatch is taking over in Australia and New Zealand. See what makes it the top rated Smart Watch For Kids and why it is selling out everywhere…"

" The New Watchipals Model was recently introduced after in-depth research and development and offers features that surpass any other model, making it probably the most advanced kids smart watch ever seen on the market"

" Whats The Hype About Watchipals? This 4G Kids Smart Watch Safety Features Are a Real Game Changer For Parents"

" Watchipals Kids Smartwatch: How this brilliant gadget helping parents stay connected to their kids and feel safer"

" Choosing the right Smartwatch Phone is essential for ensuring your child's safety. With the Watchipals Smartwatch Phone, Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children is always safe"

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The Watchipals smartwatch is the perfect choice for parents looking to keep in touch with their kids at any time. Watchipals is the ideal gadget to get for a kid between 3 - 14 years old as well kids are still too young to use typical cellphones.This smartwatch comes with a ton of useful features, basically the core features of smartphones. Watchipals smartwatch has built-in support for voice and video calling, SOS calling, group chats, photo chats, text messages, and location tracking. Because this smartwatch is built for toddlers and preteens, it is made with durable materials and is also designed to withstand water splashes, thanks to the IP65-rated materials used. Also, we have great deals and "bundle packages" !


All chats are end-to-end encrypted, which includes individual chats and group chats. Watchipals messaging gives you all the security and privacy you need; no one else can read the message you send to your child, except you and the child. Similarly, no one can access or read the messages your child sends to your phone from his/her Watchipals smartwatch.


Getting the Watchipals smartwatch for your kids gives you the ability to know where your kids are at any given time. This smartwatch comes with advanced GPS and location tracking features that can be monitored from your phone. 

Watchipals app is FREE and its compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, so you can monitor your child’s location from any device. This way, you can tell when your child is playing in the backyard or at school or any place they should or shouldn't be.


Shopping for a smartwatch phone for kids with free music? Watchipals offers the option to transfer Audio and Video files to the watch. Your child can enjoy kid-friendly songs, stories and podcasts hassle-free! Now that your little music lover has some tunes! Simply connect the watch and transfer the music or video files and play it on the watch.


Every parent cares about the safety of their child. Watchipals smartwatch comes with several safety features, including 2-way voice calling, Talk&Text, unlimited text responses, and voice messages. These features provide the child with various options to communicate when in trouble or scared. its also a great kids smart watch with video calls.

Also, you can add Emergency SOS contacts, block unknown numbers, approve contacts, view call logs and SMS text requests, and access more features! With the front-facing HD camera, your child can take clear selfies and share them with you. 


Watchipals smartwatch is the safest smartwatch for kids with a ton of useful features. The design is kid-friendly, and you can choose from a lot of color options. This smartwatch is the best way to keep in touch with your kids anytime, anywhere. 

Kids love fun features, and as such, the Watchipals smartwatch packs several fun features, including a video player for the kids to watch kid-friendly videos. If you have any questions to ask about this smartwatch, feel free to contact us we’re always willing to answer them as soon as possible.

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